AFTER THE WAVE: Writer-Director

A documentary that tells the story of five people that were affected by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. They share their personal memories of what it was like for them on that fateful day when almost 230,000 people from more than a dozen countries died. It may be a distant memory for most of us but for thousands of others that date is etched in their minds forever.


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JIMMY'S KITCHEN: Writer-Director

A documentary that tells the story of Jimmy Pham, a humble and compassionate man who has helped some of the street kids of Hanoi in Vietnam by setting up KOTO, a restaurant and training school to provide working opportunities for them. KOTO is an acronym for Know One Teach One.

BUSH SURVIVAL: Writer-Director

Internationally renowned Indigenous musician, actor and presenter David Hudson takes two modern city-raised women to his family’s homeland at Jowalbinna on Cape York Peninsula and asks his relatives to teach them about bush tucker, bush medicine and traditional Aboriginal trapping and hunting techniques.


You might pride yourself on being clean and tidy around the home but the truth is you are living with alien-like creatures. Every room, every cupboard, every nook and cranny is infested with little creatures of mass destruction. Dust mites, grain weevils, cockroaches and maggots, until now they’ve preyed on the fact that you can’t see them, but all that is about to change…Welcome to 24 hours in the Bug Brother house.


A video for YPA (Young People Ahead) in partnership with CSIA (Community Services Industry Alliance) that showcases how The H.Y.P.E Project encourages disabled youth to promote Mt Isa as a prime tourism destination.

Online Content


A short video about Aboriginal Artist Steven Bond

Nature Conservation


A few videos produced for the Nature Conservation Council of NSW

My goal is to help promote public awareness about conservation issues that will inspire individuals and companies to build enduring relationships between people and wildlife for a future in which humans can live in balance with the natural world.

TV Commercials

TV Commercials Director

I have directed over 200 TVCs with Live Action, Motion Control, Stop Motion, 2D & 3D Animation, Hi speed photography and numerous specialist lenses.


Deadly Women: Dramatic Reconstructions  Director

True Criime stories about female murderers in the UK, USA and Australia.

Australia: +61 456 456 366 UK: +44 750 394 5890



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